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Adchem (Australia) Pty Ltd operates the world’s largest single combined production facility for Black Copper Oxide (Cupric Oxide) and Basic Copper Carbonate. These two high purity chemicals are manufactured in accordance to ISO9001:2015 quality accreditation at the company’s processing plant which is located at Burra, South Australia (approx. 160 km NNE of Adelaide).

Adchem employs over 50 people at the Burra production facility. The Company is headquartered in Melbourne where it runs a small commercial office along with its parent company Ausminco Pty Ltd. Adchem has a single shareholder, Ausminco. [Read More...]
The Burra plant uses a hydrometallurgical process to convert low grade copper materials to high purity chemical products. Copper bearing raw materials are dissolved in an ammonia solution to form copper amine. [Read More...]
Adchem employs a combination of professional technical staff as well as various trades people to operate the plant (electricians, fitters and turners, boilermakers etc) as well as general administration personnel and process plant operators. [Read More...]